Hello Newport High School parents,

Below we have posted a condensed version of our student handbook dress code policy. We wanted to get it out to you as soon as we could to allow you adequate time to plan for your student(s). We have been working diligently in preparation for this upcoming school year and we look forward to getting started. We hope to see each of you at open house. 

Best regards, 

Newport High School Administration


The Newport Board of Education recognizes that dress can be a matter of personal taste and preference.  At the same time, the District has a responsibility to promote an environment conducive to student learning. This requires limitations to student dress and grooming that could be disruptive to the educational process because they are immodest, disruptive, unsanitary, unsafe, could cause property damage, or are offensive to common standards of decency.


This prohibition does not apply, however, to a costume or uniform worn by a student while participating in a school-sponsored activity or event.




The following items are prohibited inside campus buildings; hats, caps, visors, hoods, bonnets, doo rags, scarves, head wraps, sunglasses, or other headgear.  

  • House shoes are prohibited.

  • Bandannas are prohibited.

  • Blankets are prohibited


  • Garments must be of a length and fit that are suitable to the build of the student.

  • Necklines of all upper garments must be considered modest. Low-cut necklines are prohibited, and the cut of garments must not expose underwear or cleavage at any time. 

  • Shirts must touch, at a minimum, the top portion of lower garments at all times.


  • Chests, backs, torsos, buttocks, and upper thighs must be covered while standing, sitting, or bending at all times. 

  • Garments shall not convey messages or logos that are generally considered inappropriate. Examples include but are not limited to

    • Crude, vulgar, or profane language.

    • Incorporate elements that may be tied to criminal organizations, such as gangs or hate groups. 

    • Promotion of the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. 

    • Sexually suggestive or explicit material.

  • Garments that are distracting are prohibited, including, but not limited to: 

    • Transparent, sheer, or see-through materials.

    • Sleepwear, such as pajamas or onesies.

  • Outerwear, such as trench coats, dusters, other full-body length jackets, and coveralls are prohibited. 


  • Pants with holes in them higher than the fingertips with hands to your side and arms fully extended shall have no exposed skin.  

  • The waistband of all outerwear pants, shorts, or skirts must be worn and secured between the hips and the waist in public at all times.

  • Dresses, skirts, and shorts shall be no shorter than the fingertips with hands to your side when arms are fully extended.

  • All form-fitting clothing such as leggings, jeggings, tights, and joggers must be covered with appropriate dress, which means, tops must come down to the fingertips with the hands to your side when arms are fully extended or modestly covered.



**As the result of a dress code violation that warrants the removal of a student from the classroom, parents must bring the student an acceptable change of clothing before the student will be allowed to return to class.