Joey McKnight, Technology Coordinator from Newport School District

photo of Joey McKnight

Joey McKnight is a rock star for the Newport School District! He has been with the district for 19 years in the technology department, and as the Director, he has helped shape the future of our school, staff, and students. He is a visionary who is always looking at the future of needs in the district and during the COVID crisis has helped Newport stay ahead of the curve. He recognized early on the need to ensure the district was able to provide virtual learning options for students and worked hand-in-hand with T Mobile to map out the needs of hot spots across the district. Just in the past three years, Mr. McKnight has negotiated better contracts with APPLE to ensure the continuation of the district's one-to-one student initiative with IPads. He secured Macbooks for all teachers and NewLine interactive panels for every classroom so students could live stream into their virtual classes. His upgrade of the network and making sure fiber optic lines were installed across the two campuses, to his meticulous installation of the most up-to-date camera system for safety across the district's campuses. "Joey is just the go-to guy and is willing to help anyone at any time," said Superintendent Brett Bunch. He brings a level of commitment and expertise to the district that allows him to put teachers and students at ease with technology. We are thankful he is a part of our team.

I can't think of another tech that gets more compliments from their teachers and administrators.

Submitted by Technology Coordinator Leon Brown, Crowley's Ridge Educational Service Cooperative