Week Five Comes Alive

It is hard to believe we are starting our fifth week of this school year.  So many exciting things have already taken place and so many more are still to come.  Our students continue to grow and inspire those that work with the every day.  As educators we know it is a two way street we travel and we understand the challenges our students face.  The team I am honored to be a part of is filled with caring and giving educators and support staff that have a singular focus of "what is best for or kids"!  

The Newport Special School District knows the challenges we face but we are waiting to see what comes at us next we are being proactive in our students education and the growth of our district.  It is all made possible by a supporting community, parents that want the best for their children, partnerships that make us stronger, and the dedication of of the professionals spread across our campuses.

Once A Hound, Always A Hound!!!