Moving Forward Every Day

I saw this and thought it would be a good message to share.  Talk to educators today and they will tell you this is a true statement from year one throughout their careers.  Ask students and they too will say the older you get the harder the work.

Every student, teacher, support staff member, and administrator knows in order to grow and to succeed you have to push yourself even further everyday and that is the mindset we have here in the Newport Special School District.  We aren't looking for the easy way out we are working for the future of every student we see each day!!!  As adults we know the challenges our students will face once they graduate and enter the "real" world.  Their world is real everyday they step through the doors of the school or go out into the community or at home, that is their real world.  

Thank you to the parents and guardians that entrust us to educate your children.  Thank you to the teachers that work tirelessly to make sure our students have what they need to go out into the world and be successful.  Thank you to our support staff that ensure they have breakfast and lunch, a bus driver that provides a ride to and from school, the custodians that make sure they have clean buildings to learn in, maintenance staff that keeps everything working, nurses, instructional assistants, secretaries, technology, accounting, and our school board!!  We have a special team here and as the sign says "IT NEVER GETS ANY EASIER YOU JUST GET BETTER".

Go Hounds!!!