Supply list For NHS
Supply list For NHS

7th Grade
Ms. Hale (Literacy): A composition notebook, a half inch binder, $5 for field trip and sticky notes. 

Mr. Brock (math): 2 notebooks, a pocket folder, and graph paper.

Coach Doyle (History): 1 composition notebook, 1 folder with pockets, and a 10 pack of pencils (must have).

Coach McGee (Science): A composition notebook, half inch binder, folder with pockets, paper, GERM-X and tissue. 

8th Grade 
Ms. Stone (Literacy): a folder with pockets and loose paper. 

Mr. Moore (History): Pencil, paper, and 
a spiral notebook to be kept in class

Mr. Clark (8th math): one inch binder, composition notebook, graph paper and pencils. 

Ms. Turner (7th and 8th Art): 2 boxes of 10ct. No.2 pencils, box of cap erasers, 1 highlighter, 1 subject spiral notebook, choice of Kleenex, hand sanitizer or hand soap, and 2 pink pearl erasers. 

Ms. Edwards (science): (1 1/2) inch binder, 8 binder tabs, and 1 package of loose leaf paper, Kleenex, GermX, Disinfecting wipes

High School
Ms. Aitkens (Algebra 2 and beyond): loose leaf paper, graph paper and a one inch binder. 

Mr. Steele (Geometry): loose leaf paper, graph paper, and a one inch binder (recommended due to needing them for homework) ruler, compass, and protractor for geometry. 

Mr. Voegele (algebra B) 1 inch binder, loose leaf paper, 2 composition notebooks, pencil, and graph paper. 

Coach Camp (physical science): a three ring binder with dividers or a three subject notebook. 

Mr. Teague (Env science, Chem, AP chem, AP Env): composition notebook, and a binder or a one subject notebook. 

Ms. Rounds (11th-12th English, and AP Lang):  binder  with dividers and paper, pencils or pens, 1 subject notebook or composition book.

Mr. Welch (9th English and AP Lit): a one inch binder

Ms. Morehart (10th English): a one in binder with three dividers. 

Ms. Long (US History and AP US): A one inch or inch and a half binder. Loose leaf paper, notecards, pens, pencils. 

Ms. Williams (World History and AP World): 1 1/2 in binder, loose leaf paper, and 3 poster boards. 

Ms. Bradley (FACS): Mrs. Bradley - FACS 1” binder, loose leaf paper, pencil/pen, and notecards.