Cheer Clinic 2018-2019
Joey McKnight
Sunday, August 05, 2018

The Newport Varsity Cheerleaders and Newport Junior High Cheerleaders attended 2018-2019 Cheer Clinic in Newport from July 9-11, 2018 at Newport High School. Throughout the three-day camp, these athletes learned a wide-variety of material, participated in multiple classes, heightened individual and team skills, participated in two team evaluations, and participated in All American Cheer Tryouts. 

Newport Varsity Cheerleaders had seven All American Nominees, including: Amber Cockrell, Sydney Davis, Jhataria Lanfair, Haili Lemons, Jessa Long, Madalyn Smith, and Jillian Turner. Of these seven young women, five Newport Varsity Team members were selected as 2018-2019 All American Cheerleaders. Newport Junior High Cheerleaders had four All American Nominees, including: Sophie Falwell, Faith McCullar, Abbie Nation, and Hannah Nicholson. Of these four young women, one Newport Junior High School Team member was selected as a 2018-2019 All American Cheerleader. 

This year's Newport All American Cheerleaders are (pictured left to right): NHS, Haili Lemons; NHS, Sydney Davis; NJHS Captain, Sophie Falwell; NHS, Amber Cockrell; NHS Captain, Jhataria Lanfair; and NHS, Jessa Long

Newport Varsity Cheerleaders - Overall Awards: Five All American Cheerleaders, Four Blue (Superior) Ribbons, Stunt S.A.F.E. Award, Herkie Award, Technical Excellence Award for Stunts, and a bid to Nationals.

This year's Newport Varsity Cheerleaders are (pictured left to right)Front Row - Lexi Bradley, Haili Lemons, Amber Cockrell, Sydney Davis, Jessa Long, and (Captain) Jhataria Lanfair. Back Row - (Co-Captain) Jillian Turner, Lindsey Marlar, Jessica Allen, Loren Ratton, Madalyn Smith, and Anna Jackson. (Coach: Brittany Long)

Newport Junior High Cheerleaders - Overall Awards: One All American Cheerleader, Two Blue (Superior) Ribbons, Two Red (Excellent) Ribbons, Stunt S.A.F.E. Award, Herkie Award, and a bid to Nationals.

This year's Newport Junior High Cheerleaders are (pictured left to right)Front Row - Olivia Haigwood, Keylei Henderson, Madison Mahan, Mea Morgan, Faith McCullar, and Hannah Nicholson. Back Row - Abbie Nation, Emily Long, Hannah Turner, Shaylee Elliott, (Co-Captain) Bentley Bennett, and (Captain) Sophie Falwell. (Coach: Ami Driver)