Newport Senior High Whippets
Newport Senior High Whippets
Joey McKnight
Monday, July 30, 2018

The Newport Senior High Whippets attended 2018-2019 Dance Clinic in Newport from July 27-29, 2018 at Newport High School. Throughout the three-day camp, these athletes learned a wide-variety of material, participated in multiple classes, heightened individual and team skills, participated in three dance evaluations (Pom Dance, Hip Hop Dance, and Jazz Dance), and participated in All American Dance Tryouts. 

This year's Newport All American Dancers are Junior, Kayla Fite and Senior, Sequoyah King.
This year's Drill Down Winners: Queen, Kayla Fite; First Runner Up, J'Kaiva Gist; and Second Runner Up, Mickaal Johnson
This year's Coach's Superior Awards: Junior, Kayla Fite; Sophomore, Hilda Price; Senior, Savanah Scudamore; and 8th Grader, Nia Wren
This year's UDA Instructor Individual Awards:
  • Always Smiling Award: 8th Grader , J'Kaiva Gist
  • Full Out Award: Senior, Sequoyah King and Sophomore, Hilda Price
  • True Leader Award: Junior, Kayla Fite
  • 110% Award: Sophomore, Lucy Hernandez
2018-2019 Team Election Results:
  • Captain: Shandreah Wheeler
  • Co-Captain: Kayla Fite
  • Choreographer: Kayla Fite

Newport Senior High Whippets - Overall Awards: Two All American Dancers, Multiple Individual Superior and Excellent Ribbons, and a 2018 Superior Trophy

This year's Newport Senior High Whippets are (pictured left to right): Front Row - Sadie Rudd; Brianna Pruitt-Cox; Captain, Shandreah Wheeler; Mickaal Johnson; and Nia Wren. Back Row - All American/Co-Captain/Choreographer, Kayla Fite; Savanah Scudamore; Lucy Hernandez; Hilda Price; All American, Sequoyah King; J'Kaiva Gist; and Ty Watkins. (Coach: Julia Williams)